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Get Out the Vote

Connect The Vote 2020 is a nonpartisan research effort aiming to leverage social networks to promote voter registration and turnout. Through committed volunteers, or ‘captains’, individuals will use friend-to-friend connections to encourage members of their social circle to vote. We invite individuals of all backgrounds and political affiliations to join us in our mission to Connect the Vote!


How it Works



Submit the full names and addresses of 10-20 friends (age 18+) who are ELIGIBLE to vote in the 2020 election and might need encouragement to get involved.

Reach Out

Reach out to friends whose names have been selected randomly and distributed back to you. As this is a randomized control trial, only certain individuals will be picked.



Check In

Continue checking in with the individuals you've been assigned with reminders to register to vote. Captains will deliver weekly updates to research coordinators.

Follow Through

In October and November, once voting gets under way, a captain should encourage everyone on their contact list to vote and regularly communicate with their peers.



Contact Us

Contact Us

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